Scope for the Imagination . . .


What’s in a name?  An awful lot!  After all, doesn’t “hand-mixed yogurt topped with homemade, multi-grain granola” sound better than just breakfast?  Or what about being a laundress, rather than doing laundry?  There are so many things that stay-at-home-moms do everyday which some may view as mundane or pedestrian.  I personally find the domestic variety challenging and fulfilling.  No doubt this is partly due to the crazy titles I give myself during the day (small appliance repair technician) and mostly due to my blessing of being raised by a consummate S.A.H.M. 

My mother’s mantra was: you should approach the job of being a homemaker as professionally as you would any other profession.  So, don’t think of being a S.A.H.M. as merely staying home and not getting paid, rather that the work you do is so important, so exquisitely done, that people just can’t afford to pay for your priceless services. 


Joys of being a S.A.H.M.

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